About us

Marshalls LEMC is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club founded in the Netherlands. Integrity, respect and trust are the foundation of our club. This kind of brotherhood is special and is seldom seen in today’s society.

Our members share the same values. A strong sense of justice, a passion for motorcycle riding and all that is involved. We are family.

Marshalls LEMC is a union and a democratic club. Marshalls is lead by chosen officers who take care of daily business. Friendship with other clubs are highly appreciated, but we choose our own path.

In the Netherlands we are one of the few LEMC’s that follow MC protocol.

Following MC protocol provides us with the necessary structure to maintain true to the LEMC laws and bylaws. Marshalls LEMC is not a 1% club nor does Marshalls LEMC interact with 1% motorcycle clubs. Marshalls LEMC is not territorial. We have a bottom rocker to show our chapter.

Membership is reserved to men that serve the law professionally, employed by the (military) police.

For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother  –William Shakespeare, St Crispin’s Day Speech